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Earlier this year, my man and I went to the island of Kauai. Neither of us had ever been to Hawaii before, and we were super excited. One of the things friends had told us about Kauai was that there were roosters everywhere. I wasn’t really sure what that meant until we got there. Our friends weren’t joking.

Apparently, the story goes that a few years ago there was a terrible storm that blew away a number of chicken farms on the island and spread the chickens all over the place. The residents of the island could not collect them all, so they just started multiplying on their own and now there are roosters running around all over the island. Everywhere you look, they are just hanging out by the sides of the roads, in the fields, in front of restaurants. It is one of the weirdest things I’ve come across.

I fell in love with the Kauai roosters and took a ton of pictures of them. I already shared some sketches I’ve done, but I finally got my business together and spent an evening earlier this week on a painting. For your viewing pleasure, a rooster:

On the island, there was artwork everywhere with roosters on it. I’m pretty sure┬ásome people make thier living painting roosters on the island and selling them to tourists. I must say, I think that would be the life. I’m pretty sure this will be the first of many in my rooster collection.



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