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Spring has finally sprung!

Well, kind of. There have been a few lovely, spring like days mixed in with lots of stupid gray days still. But, the last two weekends have been sunny islands in the sea of rain that has been this spring so far.

My apply tree is blooming. I was able to sit in my hammock yesterday and soak in the sunshine. My man was strumming his guitar and the birds and the bees were flying in the trees. It felt magical. It felt like I was on vacation for a few hours.

I planted these lovely daisies in my front porch planter box. They are so bright and cheery! Even on the gray days, I walk up to my front door and feel a little bit of happy spring.

I’m excited by these new additions to my spring garden. A rosemary bush that supposedly grows long, straight stalks that are perfect for skewering things this summer. And next to it is one of my two blueberry bushes that I put in.

Here you can see my chives, sage, mint, and brussel sprouts, already growing away.

I’ve also planted strawberries, two different lettuces, rainbow chard, and spinach for my spring garden.

Embrace the sunny days. Grow something in the ground. Make your own magical fairy garden space this summer. Soak up the sun.

And if you are really wanting to indulge, get a hammock. I bought this portable one last summer, and it was the best purchase I made all year.

Happy Spring Wishes to everyone!


  1. Oh my goodness! You are the cutest little pregnant women ever!!! I love it, you’re just a bump with nothing else where! I’m so jealous! My first pregnancy I swelled everywhere even though I was loosing weight!

  2. Or how about “wuddah?”

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