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Imaginary Summer Homes


On a recent road trip with some friends, the question was posed, if you could have four homes anywhere in the world and the wealth to travel between them, where would your dream homes be?

I love theoretical questions like this.

We sat in silence for awhile while everyone thought this over. I thought it would be fun step outside my usual topics to share my choices.

The first choice was easy. Cinque Terre, Italy. A series of five small towns on the Italian coastline. Probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. I can definitely see myself sitting in a cafe, eating a pastry, drinking a glass of white wine that grew 100 yards from where I’m sitting, watching the water crash on the shore.

Can’t you just hear the sounds of the water?

Next up, New Orleans. I wanted to pick some place in the US and what city has more culture, better food, or more fun than New Orleans? I don’t think I would want to live there all the time, but a vacation home in the French quarter? Hook me up.

Beignets, hurricanes, and po’boys, here I come!

Now, my favorite big city? London. A place there to stay would be divine. The museums are glorious, the plays are numerous and wonderful, the pubs are everywhere, and the shopping divine. You can walk or take the tube everywhere! I loved my time there and would love to spend more.

And finally, my last imaginary home would have to be somewhere tropical and beachy. I haven’t been to any tropical, beachy places that I’ve fallen in love with, so I’m going to work off recommendations and say somewhere in the Bahamas. Somewhere with white sandy beaches and clear blue water where I can sit and drink some glorious fruity drink. So, I’m not firm on this last choice, just the idea of it.

Isn’t this picture glorious? It is apparently a place called “Paradise Island”. How could you not want to go there?

So, that is my list. Where would you want your homes to be?

Hope your day is lovely.


  1. *sigh* what a marvelous conversation!
    it seems like a good idea to keep this list handy, you know, just in case.

    i imagine it must have made for satisfying internet time searching for these perfect images, as well!

    fantastic work =)

  2. oh!
    my own homes!
    i forgot =)
    too dazzled by your pretty pictures!

    1) patagonia – severe landscape, exotic animals, completely uncivilized, and i already know some spanish to help me get there

    2) detroit – yes, really! good music anytime i fancy it

    3) tokyo? – i’ve never been there, but it seems like a hoppin town, and i’d love to get to know the nooks and crannies. and i am intrigued by all those tiny japanese homes!

    4) can i share paradise island with you? or perhaps i’d take the neighboring tiny isle, close enough so we can row over for a visit!

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